Available Viewers

Buckeye Hills has made available a number of online map viewer applications for use by our partners, or the public in general. The available viewers are listed on this page. Please note; not all viewers on this page are open for public consumption, and some will require credentials in order to access.

The viewers listed on this page were created using the ESRI Flex API. Your browser will require a flash plugin in order to properly utilize these viewers. You can download the latest flash plugin for your browser from Adobe here.

Community Viewers

Buckeye Hills Public Water Inventory*
Village of Racine Water
Village of Syracuse Water
Village of Albany
Village of Somerset
Village of Middleport
Village of Pomeroy
City of Marietta - Flood Model

Program Viewers

Area Agency on Aging - Disaster
Utica Shale Region Real Estate - EODA
ODNR Horizontal Shale Well Permits
ODOT District 10 - Right of Way Information